Links 2011-01-24

Agriculture needs ‘greenest’ revolution to cope with rising prices

Imp notes I found are the following

“Farmers will have to produce more from their land by harnessing recent innovations, including biotechnology, to feed the 9 billion people who are expected to populate the world by 2050”

“The problem is the world has not really been linking food, water, climate change, and energy.”

I was thinking, the food price increase is local to few countries. It’s no more true. I would be happy if our government sees into this issue. Govt needs to focus more on Agricultural research in addition to the other initiatives such as nanotech and energy iniatives.

There is more research happening on cancer therapy, etc. If one can find the ways of producing food grains innovatively, using the safe ways of farming, I hope we can stop cancer, etc. Most of these chronic diseases, I feel, are due to more use of toxic pesticides, also herbisides, that attack on the genetic information of plants.

New microscopy method opens window on previously unseen cell features

“Nongjian (N.J.) Tao and his colleagues at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University have pioneered a new technique capable of peering into single cells and even intracellular processes with unprecedented clarity. The method, known as electrochemical impedance microscopy (EIM) may be used to explore subtle features of profound importance for basic and applied research, including  (or apoptosis) and electroporation—a process that can be used to introduce DNA or drugs into cells.”

Split-cycle engine now more efficient than traditional combustion engine

Interesting  🙂


One Response to Links 2011-01-24

  1. dhilip says:

    good thoughts. totally agree with the above concerns.

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