Where is Education Taking Us!

Published in IISc Voices,  Nov 2009 Issue

During the time of my father’s and grandfather’s childhood, education was free and was very well respected and educators were treated as the other form of God. Now, education has become a corporate business and the whole world is deeply immersed in it. IISc is one of the few places where the faculty is dedicated to teaching and research and I am happy to be a part of this great place. Our country has many great intellectuals and that intellectuality is a God’s gift and should be used in the right direction to educate people around, move them in the right direction of doing social justice and to serve our nation.

I had many long discussions with many before joining this place for Ph.D., like

what is the real use of education, Ph.D., etc?

How one’s knowledge can be effectively used?

What made me ask these questions?

I feel that the stay in IISc only made me think about the society. The people around and the way they care for education with lot of passion for knowledge and no passion for money made me think like this. Just think of the situations, like the following

What if we don’t have food to eat?

What if we have enough food and money but other countries attack on us?

Do we have the right defense in place?

Why did it take 24 hours to trace the crash landed chopper in which AP CM was travelling? Why were we thinking of taking the help of USA in finding it?

How many IIScians or IITians or NITians joining places like DRDO after their education?

How much money the government is spending for these institutions?

How much money does one need for survival?

What are the advantages of earning huge money?

One of our great leaders said and I am echoing it, “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”. Kisan and Jawan still are the backbones of any country and we should not forget their services to the country. We need hygienic food to eat and a good defence system to protect ourselves from rivals. We all are in the right place to serve these needs and hope that everyone of us chooses the right path to fulfill these. I am thankful to all those dedicated people in India, who are working without any tiredness and taking part in the well being of the country. Education should bring out the right person inside you to help the society, rather than increasing selfishness, becoming richer and richer, etc and making next generations down the line lazy.


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