Need for a good database

Published in IISc Voices,  Sep 2009 Issue

Whole world is making the best use of IT. Bus to flight bookings, ordering Pizza to booking a Car, Banking,Courier, Health Care, etc., are a few to quote. Each one of us is using these services (if not all services, at least one of these) in our day to day life. In recent times, all the educational and research institutions (both Private and Government institutions) have automated administration of all the academic activities. I am very surprised to see that there is still lack of a good database, even at this point in time, in IISc.

IISc can implement a proper database. This has many advantages over the present system of administration.

Professors can have a detailed track record of their students (of those working on project or attending the course work), where in the administration and evaluation becomes very effective and easier. On the other hand, each student can be provided a snapshot of his records online. They can update their details online, can register and drop the courses online, update the bank account details online, see the scholarship status, and student can also track his dues to the institute and can take action on time.

On the whole, right from Students, Professors, Department office Staff, Hostel Staff to Admission & Academic section, this move will help to upgrade the quality of administration. It makes the life of everyone very easy, as the whole system becomes very transparent, effective and faster when compared with the present system of administration. Hope the concerned officials will work in the right direction to implement a central database that will serve the whole institute at all levels. As this system is already there in the IITs, we can implement the same with immediate effect and can make necessary changes at a later point of time.


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