Dogs Too Like New Hostel blocks

Published in IISc Voices,  Feb 2010 Issue

New hostel blocks, which are 5 years old are well maintained and I can safely say  they are one of the best hostel blocks to stay in the campus.

Is this the reason for stray dogs to stay in this hostel more than any other place?

Do they like the corridors on the 3rd floor better than  the outside?

Why are dogs taking so much pain in coming to the 3rd floor where as the residents are hesitant to climb up 3-4 levels?

We order food from nice restaurants spending a lot of money, don’t like it and throw/trash it in the dust bin right in front of the room. If we have the habit of not wasting food, we make sure to throw the waste like bones, etc. in the dust bin without fail. Do we realize that this is the main reason for stray dogs coming inside the hostel blocks? Those poor dogs need food for their survival. Where ever there is food, they are bound to go there. If food is available everywhere, they choose the best and most easily available source.

This has a good analogy with the Hutch dog, where food for stray dogs is similar to a Vodafone user for Hutch dog.

Let us STOP using the dustbins in hostels for disposing waste food and use the dust bins at the right place to make sure they are not accessible to stray dogs.

This is applicable to all the hostels, departments and every place in IISc. I stressed on new block because it was shocking to see dogs on the 3rd floor.

I want to stress on one thing here, i.e. , don’t bother about the dogs’ hunger. They will find a new place. They know how to get new Cheese. If you are so concerned, make them your pet dogs and take them to your home. I am sure everyone will appreciate that.

A little diversion now…..

Those who are daily visitors of T Board, an see a nice dust bin with items scattered on the floor for about 25-30 m2 around it. There are few poor people coming and segregating bottles, plastic micro pipettes, etc. We must thank all those people who are the reason for the waste and who are the reason for those poor people’s income.

We throw different kinds of waste into the same dust bin and again few people segregate them back. Is this a clever way of doing things? This needs good planning and a little extra effort for efficient waste disposal. Let us use different dust bins for different kinds of material, like biodegradable one, non biodegradable plastics one, toxic solid waste one, etc.  I have not done any course on waste disposal but those of you have done it, might deal well here. Please don’t pour organics into the sink, instead store and dispose them off in better way (we can feel the smell of organics  from drains during rain, which clearly says organic chemicals are not handled properly). Coming toacid and alkali waste, neutralize and drain in the sink (Except a few like HF). I am afraid to hear the word radioactive. If you are using such materials, please feel it as your responsibility to handle them with care,  avoiding any health hazards to the whole community, in and out of IISc. I suppose this is well taken care. If there is a situation where you need to spend more money for safety and waste management, talk to your guide and get the funds. Make safety and waste management a higher priority job than writing a research paper. It is our responsibility to  safeguard the nature. Being a good scientific community, if we don’t know proper ways of safety and waste management, how can we make a good society?

Please think and act immediately.

There is no need for anyone to come and teach us. Let us be smart and avoid damage to the beautiful campus and inconvenience to our colleagues in the campus.

Make IISc more Greener and safer.


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